I am currently moving my personal site from standard hosting and a Drupal 7 installation to GitHub pages. I no longer have enough time to maintain Drupal and have no need for the awesome features it provides.

Here is the post from the old site that described my intentions. I think most of them are no longer valid, but let's put them on this page for uupdating later.

Hello Walls

Autumn is closing in like the disappearing voice of the Silver Bullet Band. This place was built in the Spring, then neglected all Summer. So, now I want to make a bit of a clarification of why this site is here before diving into all the technical challenges.

I intend to use this site in the following ways:

I need to work on the challenge of how to organize what is displayed here and what to do about media (songs, movies and photos), but once those important brain teasers are put to bed, I will start moving old scattered writings here and continue to add more for as long as this place works.