Just A Small Piano

In this dream I was taking some sort of music class with Holden. The two teachers looked like they were once in Metallica. Holden and I had supplied the musical instruments for the class, and both teachers complained about the inferior sound quality of the gear we provided. They also spent much of the class fiddling and tweaking, trying to get the sound right. After one of them gave up in frustration on the synth, I told them that they could use the piano in the corner.

One of them sits down at the piano, but just sort of taps lightly on the surface of the keys. I said, "It's alright. You can use that piano." He said, "I can't play this piano. It's too small." And that was pretty much it for me. Fed up, I asked, "What? What is the difference? Why can't you play a piano that size?" His face fell, as he explained to the class, "I can't play a small piano, because my ex-girlfriend put out a restraining order on me. Happy?!"

I ended up feeling really really guilty about my callous questioning and just let them continue to tinker with a synthesizer for the rest of the class. The last thing I remember of the dream was Holden and I pushing that small piano down the highway. Also, it turns out that the phrase, "small piano," so popular in my dream, really just means "upright piano."